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Lab Techs

Find your passion in Massachusetts


Collaboration is the name of your game — and as a field support member of our team, you help dentists with anything they need to focus on caring for patients instead of nonclinical tasks. From customer care to regional management, Passion Dental is there to provide anything to each of our dental practices and the end game of care.

Denture Lab Technician
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As a Denture Lab Technician, you will get great a career and so much more.  You will have the ability to showcase your artistic skills to create better smiles and ultimately improving lives within your community.  You will have access to state-of-the art equipment and instruments to perform your artistry.  We’re also committed to leading the way in digital dentures.  Learn more about digital dentures here. 


  • Collaborate with dentists to ensure optimum patient satisfaction

  • Oversee your own laboratory

  • Fabricate dentures from impression to insert

  • Complete prosthetic repairs, relines, and re-bases

  • Oversee preparation of laboratory supply orders

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