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Becoming a Passion Dental supported doctor helps you continue to put your patients first.

Some dentists look at selling their practice as ‘getting out’.  With Passion Dental, that couldn’t be further from the truth. If you’re looking for a new challenge and want to play a part in making something thrive, partnership could be the right route for you.

You’ll have access to innovative technology, resources marketing, and support and the chance to indulge in a better work-life balance as our administrative team supports you in growing your practice while maintaining an excellent patient experience.

A network of success stories

Once you’re a Passion Dental partner, you can tap into an extensive network of like-minded professionals, who share your ambitions, challenges and experience.

Support from our dedicated Marketing, Compliance, Operations and finance Team can springboard a successful practice into something amazing but it can also help with personal growth.


Joining Passion Dental can help you grow as a doctor, spend more time with patients focusing on your clinical work or shifting the scales in your work-life balance.


Plan your next chapter

Perhaps you’re starting to think about your exit strategy but aren’t ready to retire your handpiece just yet. Partnering with Passion Dental Services  gives you the ability to continue practicing what you are passionate about without the stress of managing and growing a practice you have worked so hard to build.

This will preserve the legacy you have built and ensure a stable future for you and your team.

Preserve your brand

As a boutique DSO, we understand the importance of preserving your identity and uniqueness. The legacy you've built over the years is important to you and therefore to us.

Being affiliated with Passion Dental means you get to keep your brand, and we will also help you improve it with access to professional digital marketing support. 

With Passion Dental Services, we are proud to say that all of our affiliated practices have kept their own identity.

Secure your future and retain your equity

You may retain equity as an investor in an industry you know. As a Passion Dental partner, you can tap into an extensive network of like-minded professionals, who share your ambitions, challenges, and experiences.

Help your Team members achieve their dream

Give your practice the opportunity to tap into a wide support network. Clinical staff have greater access to training and development. Practice support staff find their roles enhanced – with more responsibilities and the option to grow into a wider, more fulfilling position.

Work-Life Balance

With our administrative support, you’ll have the freedom to focus on patient care. You'll be able to spend your time away from the office and with your family free of all work-related stress. 

Growth Partnering

Passion Dental Services's resources will support you on all fronts and ensure that you and your office never stop growing: from finance to continuing education to marketing.

Administrative Relief

We believe that doctors should focus on what they are passionate about: caring for their patients.

Advice & Consulting

Joining Passion Dental means  you'll have access to work and interact with more than a 100 doctors. If desired, you will have the opportunity to work with an experienced dental coach to improve your skills and patient care.

Blue Skies

Discover Practicing With
True Clinical Independence

Becoming a Passion Dental supported doctor is about true independence from administrative burdens. As your Dental Support Organization, we’ll empower you with opportunities to achieve financial growth and a new work-life balance through access to state-of-the-art equipment, a supportive community of partners and affiliates, and world-class operational support teams.

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Affiliate with us

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Become a Supported Doctor

& Practice Your Way.

The upfront cash payments that release equity in your business do not mean giving up your independence. Everything that made your practice a success stays the same – your brand, your team, your clinical decision making.


The only difference is the new support network ready to back you up.

It’s not about getting out of the game. 

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Words from our supported practices, affiliated doctors & team members